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Tony's Auto Repair offers an array of services for all makes and models of vehicles. Our genuine ASE certified technicians have the experience, training and know-how for nearly any service your vehicle may need. Below is a list of the services Tony's Auto Repair offers.

Unsure If Your Vehicle Falls Under the Categories Listed?
If you are unsure if services you may require fall under the categories listed below please call 701-764-5558 and speak with an ASE certified technician today for a consultation and appointment.


Tune Ups

Regular tune ups on your vehicle can help you avoid costly repairs, break downs on the road and even find problems and repair them before they damage other parts of your vehicle. Scheduling a regular tune up every 30,000 miles or every 2 years can keep your vehicle running smoothly and confidently.


Did you know you should schedule a regular tune up on your vehicle every 30,000 miles or every 2 years? A tune up can help prevent many problems that could end up being much more costly in the future if maintenance is not kept up.

Battery Replacement and Maintenance

Interstate BatteriesWe service batteries including replacement, maintenance and troubleshooting. Tony's Auto Repair is a proud distributer of Interstate Brand batteries. As a registered distributor of Interstate Batteries, Tony's Auto Repair is able to provide you with the technical know how as well as a battery for any make and model that Interstate serves.

We can also test and charge your existing battery including load tests. Using our expert diagnostics, you can be sure if your battery is good or bad and get help on a replacement if needed.


Did you know some of the most common causes of premature battery failure are deep discharges (leaving your lights on), freezing, overcharging, lose clamps, excessive vibration and failure to charge your battery within 6 months?

Towing and Wrecker Service

Tony's Auto Repair offers wrecker and towing service during operating hours. Stranded vehicle or just need to get it to the shop for other repairs? Call us today at 701-764-5558 to schedule an appointment.


Serious vehicle damage can occur when attempting to tow or haul a vehicle if not connected to it properly.

Brake Service and Maintenance

As a driver, it is extremely important to be confident in your ability to stop your vehicle. If you have grinding, scraping or your braking power feels reduced it may be time to schedule a brake inspection and possible replacement. Tony's Auto Repair offers full brake inspection, replacement and maintenance including brake rotor and drum cutting, brake fluid flushing and replacement, brake line replacement, brake shoe and pad replacement, caliper inspection and replacement as well as other services.

If you feel your braking power is weak, you are having to push the brake pedal down harder or more than usual to get the same stopping power, you are hearing scraping or squeaking sounds as you apply brake pressure or if when you apply brake pressure your car begins to vibrate often caused by warped rotors due to excessive heat call 701-764-5558 and schedule an appointment today.


Replacement of your brake pads, shoes, rotors or drums depends on many factors including driving habits, use and wear and tear so there is no set milage that your brake pads, shoes, rotors or drums may expire. You should always have your brakes inspected during regular maintenance and be sure to have them inspected immediately if you hear any scraping, squeaking or feel excessive vibrations when the brakes are applied.

Computer Diagnostics

Is your check engine light, ABS light or service light on? Any of these lights can signal a serious problem that left undiagnosed can cause serious damage to your engine or other parts of your vehicle. Many of these issues can be easily diagnosed and repaired by scanning the computer and letting our ASE certified technicians pull out the trouble code and repair the effected system. Schedule an appointment today to have your vehicle scanned so that a minor problem doesn't become a major one by calling 701-764-5558.


The majority of vehicles manufactured after 1981 have a check engine light that monitors your vehicles emissions. The check engine light will turn on if any of the systems your vehicles computer monitors moves out of the government mandated range. This can signal minor or major issues and should be checked immediately.

Service and Oil Changes

Maintenance is one of the most important and easy options you have to keep your vehicle Tony's Auto Repair offers a range of maintenance and service options for your vehicle. We offer oil changes, transmission flushes, coolant flushes, gearbox oil changes, brake fluid and brake line flushes and replacment as well as U-Joint and zerk greasing. In addition, our ASE certified technicians will inspect your vehicle during every service job including under-body, brakes, filters, ball joints, tires and any other areas that may be in need of maintenance. You can be assured after a service job your vehicle will be safe and in working order.


Maintaining clean fluids in your vehicle is one of the cheapest ways to ensure your vehicles longevity. Running "dirty" fluids for extended periods of time not only can cause internal damage to your vehicle but can also result in costly repairs and quicker wear and tear on various parts in your vehicle.

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